Young man with autism shares his journey with Action News

Laura Gaffney, Durand’s Family Support Coordinator, and her son Andrew, now 26 with autism was interviewed by Alicia Vitarelli. This is an incredible story of Andrew overcoming his disability to achieve a successful and fulfilling family, work and social life as well as Laura’s long-time relationship with Durand as a client and

Faces of Durand: December 2016

When I think of how many things have changed in the last forty years at Durand Academy, I would have to say technology is the most drastic change. Many special needs individuals, like our non-verbal students, have the opportunity to use computers, iPad’s, and cell phones that enable them to communicate with

The Faces of Durand: November 2016

I wish people understood just how bright and intelligent our individuals actually are and that our individuals have feelings. They react the same as someone without similar conditions. The biggest misconception that I hear is “Oh, I thought all people like that live in facilities. “ People really believe our population should

The Faces of Durand

Contributed by Jennifer Hill [caption id="attachment_1267" align="alignleft" width="300"] The “Faces of Durand” Committee will work with guest photographers, selected staff, individuals or agency guests to capture how we are “helping individuals with special needs learn and grow” and the culture of Durand. This will be through photography (consent pending) and vignettes then

Introducing “Faces of Durand”

What goes on behind these doors? Exactly how is Durand, Inc. "Helping Individuals with Special Needs Learn and Grow"? Introducing "Faces of Durand", launching this month! Inspired by the popular Facebook page, “Humans of New York” which focuses on the citizens of the city and their stories, “Faces of Durand” is a