Durand & Compliance

Doing the Right Thing. At the Right Time. Every Time.

Durand holds itself and its employees to a high ethical standard. Employees, program participants, family members and community partners are encouraged to report any events, issues, or dealings that fall outside known policies, procedures, state/federal laws and regulations.

Health & Safety

  • Related to that of clients and staff
  • Related to quality in the services provided
  • Related to Policies and Procedures in Operations


  • Related to the privacy and security of confidential information

Human Resources (HR) Concerns

  • Training
  • Job Duties
  • Employee Manual
  • Policies and Procedures related to Employment


  • Fraud, Waste or Abuse of Funding or Resources
  • Misuse of Electronic Health Record (Therap)

Reporters have the right to report anonymously. No attempt will be made to identify you. Durand may not – and will not – intimidate, threaten, coerce, discriminate against or take other retaliatory action against a person who files a report.

Read Durand’s Compliance Program Document: 

For questions pertaining to our Compliance Program, please contact:

Kathleen Breslin
VP of Compliance, Risk and Quality Improvement
Durand Inc.
304 Birchfield Drive
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054