Mrs. Jen Evans





Nice to meet you!

My name is Jen Evans and I am your child’s teacher in room 307 this year!  I have worked at Durand for 5 years and have enjoyed meeting a variety of students and families over the years.  I live in Gloucester County with my husband, two sons, and one daughter.  We love animals and have two dogs and two guinea pigs.  For fun, we enjoy trips to the beach, camping, kayaking, tubing, and spending time with family.



July 6, 2020
Dear Parent/Guardian,

Welcome to the Durand School’s 2020 ESY Program! I am excited to have the
opportunity to work with you and your child! My name is Jen Evans and I am the teacher
for your child in room 307. This summer’s ESY program will be run differently than in
previous years. COVID has caused us to make changes so that our learners are taught
safely. It has also afforded us the opportunity to adapt as situations as they develop
and change. ESY will start virtually and then change into classroom instruction via
split sessions for the learners.

The first half of ESY will be from July 6th to July 31st and will be done virtually. Each
student will have a daily fifteen-minute period to work on goals and for their
parent/caregiver to receive guidance and assistance with regards to completing work,
assessing, and collecting data for the rest of the day with myself. In addition to their
individual work session, there will also be two fifteen videos with other academic lessons
made available via this webpage on a daily basis. There also will also be daily
instruction videos posted on the website by special area teachers for Gym/Health
(Ms.Kelli S.), Science (Ms.Concetta), Technology (Ms. Gwen), and Life Skills (Ms.Val).
Services like Speech, PT and OT will have also have sessions scheduled online
throughout the week.

The second half of ESY from August 3 rd to August 20th will be done physically in the
classroom with split AM and PM sessions. Students will then have not only myself but
their one to one aides to help them become accustomed to being back in a classroom
setting again while assisting them with their individual needs and continuing to work
with them on their new individual goals for the 2020-21 school year. Services and
special area classes will also continue to be held but in person as well.

We have an amazing classroom staff this year. Together as a team, we will be working
hard to meet the needs of your child. The classroom staff and I believe that a classroom
should be a safe and encouraging place to learn and grow and we are eager to work
with your child to make his or her learning experience fun and meaningful while still
helping to stay safe while meeting and reaching their specific goals.
Jen Evans