Welcome Back

Dear Durand Community,

The Durand School would like to update all families, guardians, group home and stake holders on our reopening plans for the fall. On June 26th, the New Jersey Department of Education provided guidance to schools in its document “The Road Back”, which we used to develop our plan for the school.

Throughout the months of June and July, we conducted parent and staff surveys that our Pandemic Team Committee referenced when creating the plan framework. In addition, we utilized guidelines from the CDC and American Association and Pediatric guidelines along with the state’s requirements and recommendations to help devise the plan to support all students and staff.

The Durand team focused on the health and safety of our students and staff at a top priority and decisions for the plan were based accordingly. Governor Murphy required all reopening plans include the option for face to face and virtual instruction. The Durand reopening plan provides both for face to face and virtual instruction to accommodate families that do not feel comfortable sending their children back to school. Face to face school hours have been modified into two cohorts to support face to face synchronous instruction and to provide asynchronous instruction when not present in the building. Virtual students will be provided four and half hours of synchronous instruction throughout the school day.

Under resources, families can find the letter sent home to all families describing Durand’s hybrid face to face and virtual model. In this letter, it is outlined how Durand will transition seamlessly to all virtual if mandated by the Governor of New Jersey. Additionally, please see attached letter sent to all transportation departments to ensure services are provided for all as of September 8, 2020; Durand’s first day of school.

The Durand Reopening and Return plan received all necessary approvals from Gloucester County Executive Superintendent’s Office.

We understand the upcoming school year will look vastly different as we are entering a new normal. We appreciate your patience and support as we navigate this ever changing process. Through continued efforts, and by working together, Durand is confident that our students, families, and staff will feel both physically and emotionally safe in the months ahead.

Jennifer McEaddy, M.Ed., BCBA
Durand School Principal