Faces of Durand: December 2016

When I think of how many things have changed in the last forty years at Durand Academy, I would have to say technology is the most drastic change. Many special needs individuals, like our non-verbal students, have the opportunity to use computers, iPad’s, and cell phones that enable them to communicate with others. One important aspect is that the children are not only getting the use in school but can carry out communication at home or out in community as well, which makes it so much easier for them to be more independent.
Early intervention is another change which has helped many individuals. Getting the children to the right program as early as possible has helped tremendously. It is critical to their growth and technology has become key in our programs. During my career here it’s been fascinating to see the different ways we have advanced through technology, giving our students the tools to reach their greatest potential.

Photo Credit: Tamer Tewfik, SQ Productions

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  • Kathleen Beck

    I can testify to the wonderful work of Durand! My son thrived there in the 80s and 90s. It was the most nurturing environment. He looks back on it so fondly as a time when he felt so safe and happy.


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