Family Support Services

Durand’s Family Support Services provides assistance to families caring for a loved one with a developmental disability. All referrals for assistance come from the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities, support coordination agencies, and Department of Children and Families. Family support programs include:

Children’s Respite Services

Respite Services give family members time off from caregiving. Durand provides a trained worker or pays for hiring a friend, neighbor or family member to provide care.

Community Based Supports & Individual Supports

Durand’s Family Support Services are delivered 1:1 by our highly qualified staff and include assistance in the following areas:

  • Activities of Daily Living such as getting dressed, eating and personal hygiene.
  • Increasing Community Participation such as daily errands, attending events, going to a restaurant, purchasing items and travel training.
  • Increasing Independence such as helping clients do laundry, cook, clean and grocery shop.
  • On-The-Job Support such as safety awareness, using the restroom, attending to tasks and general workplace etiquette.
  • Learning Activities such as reading and writing or attending a class.

Durand can find the staff or the family can recommend qualified staff. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, pass all state background checks and hold a valid driver’s license.

For additional information, please contact our Family Support Department at (856) 235-3540.

Parent-Hire Option

Parents know their child best and so we offer to make parents paid caregivers under this program.

Contact our Family Support Department at (856) 235-3540 for more information or visit our Careers Page.

Resources for Families

Children Services: Department of Children & Families

Adult Services for Ages 21 and Over: Division of Developmental Disabilities

Employment Services: Department of Vocational Rehab Services (DVRS) | Project Search

Housing: The Supportive Housing Association of NJ

Support Coordination: iRecord Search

Activities for Differently Abled Children and Adults: Camden County Disabilities & Special Needs Programs | We Rock The Spectrum | Sahara Sams

Guardianship & Estate Planning: Disability Rights New Jersey | Community Health Law Project | Hinckle, Fingles, Prior & Fischer Attorneys at Law

Travel Services: TSA Cares

Disability Specific Information & Conferences: Autism New Jersey | Angelman Syndrome Foundation | Global Down Syndrome Foundation | Cerebral Palsy Guide

Support Groups: Parents of Autistic Children Together (PACT) | Parents of Autistic Children (POAC) | Haddonfield United Methodist Church | New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities | Family Support Coalition of NJ | Regional Family Support Council | Camden County Family Support Organization

Durand Events and Workshops

April 2020 – Guardianship Workshop (Postponed Due to COVID-19)

May 2020 – Transitioning from School to Adulthood (Postponed Due to COVID-19)

August 2020

Durand Executive Offices & Community Services

The staff at Durand come to work each day to educate and empower the students of Durand to help them strive above their disability and to achieve new levels of success and happiness.