Music, Computers & Coding

Please click on the links below for at-home Music activities.

Make Your Own Music

Powerpoint about Incredibox & Minimops

Incredibox Demo

Minimops Game

Instruments of Orchestra Quiz

Encore Youth: Explore Instrument Families

Encore Youth: Explore the Orchestra

End of Year Memories

Memorial Day Activities & Websites

Capstone: Celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day: Story Sung

Brain Pop: Memorial Day

A Brief History of Memorial Day

The History of Memorial Day

Memorial Day Number Sequencing Puzzle

Memorial Day Windsock Craft

US Military Throughout History

Soldiers Glyph

Instruments Worksheets

Click on the links below for instrument coloring sheets and vocabulary cards.

Percussion Vocabulary Cards

Percussion Instrument Coloring Pages

Orchestra Percussion Matching

Orchestra Brass Family

Brass Family Coloring Sheets

Brass Vocabulary Sheets

Brass & String Matching

French Horn Coloring Sheet

Tuba Coloring Sheet

Trumpet Coloring Sheet

Trombone Coloring Sheet

Sousaphone Coloring Sheet

Cinco de Mayo Activities

All About Mexico Worksheets

Week of May 4th Work for Parents

Cinco de Mayo Reading Comprehension

Cinco de Mayo Mexican Culture Cards

Cinco de Mayo Picture Hotspots

Visit the Dallas Symphony Orchestra to:

Listen to Various Instruments

Make Your Own Instruments

Instrument Worksheets

Click on the links below for instrument coloring sheets and vocabulary cards.

Bass Coloring Sheet

Cello Coloring Sheet

Harp Coloring Sheet

Mandolin Coloring Sheet

Viola Coloring Sheet

Violin Coloring Sheet

String Family

Violin Family

Strings Vocabulary Cards 1

Strings Vocabulary Cards 2

String Family Vocabulary Cards

String & Woodwinds Review Set

Woodwind Instrument Match

Kite Worksheets

Decorate the Kites

Kite Flying Story Paper

Old MacDonald Musical PowerPoint

1. Listen to slide 2 (Old MacDonald had a Farm – jazz). Then listen to slide 3 (Old MacDonald had a Farm – classical). Which version does your child like?

2. Sing the Alphabet Song. Then listen to slide 4 – Taj Mahal sing Funky, Bluesy ABCs. Ask which version your child liked.

3. Listen to slide 5 for Spanish style jazz. What’s your child’s favorite chocolate candy.

4. Play slide 6 and dance with Greg and Steve to the Freeze.

5. Play slide 7 and dance with Greg and Steve to the Body Rock.

PBS Kids Music Games

Please see below for Computer & Coding online resources.

PBS Kids Engineering Games

Ed Tech Times

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