Related Services

In order to comprehensively meet the needs of our students, Durand offers a full complement of Related Services including Speech, Occupational, Physical Therapy and Clinical Counseling.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapists at Durand hold Master’s Degrees in Speech-Language Pathology and Communication Disorders from accredited speech therapy institutions. They are members of the New Jersey Speech and Hearing Association (NJSHA) and the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA). The goal of therapy is to enable students to functionally communicate in all settings.

Students either enter Durand with an established speech IEP or are evaluated at Durand to assess current level of functioning. Based upon the results, a speech IEP is completed. Progress reports are completed four times a year, including Extended School Year, and a new IEP is created annually. Teachers are periodically consulted to discuss progress and/or behavioral issues. Carryover of skills to the home environment is promoted with a communication journal containing homework, comments, suggestions, etc.

Academic material is incorporated into speech sessions to promote integration. Phonological awareness enrichment supports the phonics/reading program. Speech Therapists administer the Great Leaps Program to selected students to train them in essential phonics. The students develop and appreciate fluency, intonation, and rhythm in their reading. Students are either seen individually and/or within a small group. Areas addressed in speech therapy may include:

Pragmatics is enriched in small groups within the classroom through social stories and appropriate peer interaction during game play.

Clinical Counseling

The Clinical Counseling Department of Durand consists of Clinical Social Workers and a Behavioral Psychologist to address the Social, Emotional, Behavioral, and Family Support needs of every student. Through individual counseling sessions with students, group Social Skills lessons in the classrooms, Behavioral program support and assistance and intervention with families, the Clinical Department serves to promote the student’s success in the program and in the student’s overall social-emotional-behavioral development.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy (OT) services support students who demonstrate challenges in the following skill areas:

OT provides support for all aspects of the student’s school day including academics, social interactions, behavioral responses, self-help skills, and pre-vocational/vocational participation.

OT services are provided at Durand on a direct, consultative, and group basis as per each student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP). The occupational therapist collaborates with the students, teachers, parents, and other educational staff to help implement and promote successful classroom role performance. OT evaluations are also performed for those students who demonstrate the need for possible intervention.

Occupational Therapists strive to use what is meaningful to the student, along with purposeful activities, to promote and facilitate a child’s active participation in academic, vocational, play, and leisure activities that occur in school environments. They bring unique skills and expertise to help students improve their overall academic/pre-vocational performance and success within the school setting.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy services work to promote the student’s physical development and functioning. Informed therapeutic treatment sessions are planned and implemented to insure student’s progress towards their physical therapy goals.