The Faces of Durand

Contributed by Jennifer Hill

The “Faces of Durand” Committee will work with guest photographers, selected staff, individuals or agency guests to capture how we are “helping individuals with special needs learn and grow” and the culture of Durand. This will be through photography (consent pending) and vignettes then the chosen stories will be posted on social media.

The “Faces of Durand” campaign is directly inspired by the success of the Facebook page “Humans of New York”. The popular page is boasting well over 16 million likes and consists of photographic street portraits of ordinary people living in New York City accompanied by vignettes of conversations about their lives.

The page became successful because it allowed the stories of New York to have a global voice and gave non-New Yorker’s a look inside the everyday life of its inhabitants. “The Faces of Durand” social media campaign will engage our social media supporters through similar pictures and vignettes.

The creation of this project will be used specifically to highlight our multi-service agency, the individuals we serve, their families, staff and special invited guests to raise awareness, all pending consent.

The goal is to give Durand a strong social media presence and give voice to the individuals we serve by putting their humanity at the forefront for the target audience and also an audience unaware of who we are and what we do, by giving them an opportunity to hear directly from us.

We can retain and continue to grow our audience by telling our stories to give a stronger identity to the Durand brand and create necessary awareness.

View the first post of “Faces of Durand” Durand’s facebook page.

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