Welcome Back-to-School

We at Durand hope you had a great summer!  Our dedicated staff has been working hard to prepare for another amazing school year, building on the success and accomplishments of last year.  The Durand school year is truly going to be a place filled with laughter, passion, and learning.

Know that every mentor and teacher at Durand is valued and holds tremendous worth.  Each school year is a testament of how we accomplish tremendous success when we work together.

To the students, we truly care about each one of you.  You are the reason we come to work every day. You matter to each and every one of us. We hope that every day, you leave our building knowing how special you are and just how much potential you hold.

To the parents and guardians, you are just as important. Without you, we will not reach our full potential as a school. We value you and your opinions and look to you as a partner in your child’s education.

We know this is a team effort. This school year is filled with unlimited potential and we are ready to meet the challenges head on!  Please enjoy a slideshow of our school below.


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