Durand Announces New Chairman and Vice President of The Board of Trustees

Marc Sano

Durand, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Marc Sano as Chairman and Eileen Unger as Vice President of the Board of Trustees. Sano, who joined the Durand Board in 2017, succeeds Richard Hoffman who resigned as Chairman in September 2020. Richard Hoffman provided many years of excellent leadership as Chairman. Mr. Sano has been on Durand’s Board of Trustees since 2016 and has served as Vice President since 2018. Succeeding Mr. Sano’s Vice President position is Eileen Unger who joined the Durand Board in 2014.

Marc Sano, a retired Chief of Police for Lumberton Township, has a distinguished 32-year career in law enforcement and 10 years of security and safety experience. He has served on the Committee for Behavioral Health, representing the Burlington County Chiefs, and has worked with Project Life Saver, which supplies tracking to protect the safety of children with autism and seniors with dementia. He currently works as Director of Security for Virtua Health, Inc., in Voorhees, NJ, and serves on the Behavioral Health Council for Virtua.

Eileen Unger has more than 32 years’ experience in the engineering, construction and utility industries. She is president of Emergency Preparedness Partnerships, where she provides leadership and strategic direction for the company, and uses her expertise in project management, emergency preparedness process analyzation and practical plan development for client projects. Eileen has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Rutgers University’s College of Engineering, and an M.S. in Engineering Management from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Durand is a well-known, vibrant agency in southern New Jersey delivering a wide range of services for over 40 years to children and adults with autism and other special needs and their families. Durand now serves about 300 clients a year with a staff of over 300 professionals. Durand’s mission is to provide quality learning opportunities to individuals with pervasive developmental disorders such as autism, and several other developmental and learning disabilities in a safe environment, and to offer services and resources to their families.

Press Release 10.1.2020

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